Think city car in Helsinki

The Norwegian electric car maker Think has presented at the Finnish Electric Motor Show in Helsinki this month a "ready-to-market" version of its zero-emission Think City car with serial production planned soon at a factory in Finland. "Think has been producing electric vehicles since 1991 and the Think City is the world’s first are ady-to-market’ urban battery electric vehicle – it is available for sale now in some European countries," according to Think’s CEO Richard Canny.

The electric car will be produced in the Valmet factory in the Finnish Uusikaupunki where Saab convertibles, Opel Astras and Porsche Boxsters are already being built.

The electric vehicle had undergone extensive testing with European CE conformity mark and EU homologation requirements (M1 certificate) – it is the first electric vehicle to be awarded a pan-European homologation certificate.

The two-seater Think City car has a range of 180 kilometres with a top speed of 106 km/h. A previous version of the Think sold for more than 15,000 euros.

Norwegian electric car maker Think Global is gearing up to launch its vehicles in the United States and has picked a site in Indiana for its U.S. manufacturing facility.

Pre-launch activities have started in selected European markets including Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Spain. The vehicles are being mainly sold tofleet operators.