PowerGenix?s NiZn Batteries ?Best of What?s New? Winner

Named as one of the top 100 innovations this year, PowerGenix, a manufacturer of nontoxic, high performance rechargeable Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, was honored with a Popular Science Best of What’s New™ Award in the Gadgets category for the company’s AA rechargeable batteries. The first new rechargeable battery technology in more than 20 years, Popular Science editors singled out PowerGenix batteries for their ability to deliver power on par with disposables.

“For 22 years, Popular Science has honored the innovations that surprise and amaze us − those that make a positive impact on our world today and challenge our views of what’s possible in the future,” said Mark Jannot, Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science. “The Best of What’s New Award is the magazine’s top honor, and the 100 winners − chosen from among thousands of entrants − represent the highest level of achievement in their fields.”

“An environmentally responsible battery with no power compromise, PowerGenix batteries answer the call for a new generation of high performance rechargeable batteries,” said PowerGenix CEO Dan Squiller. “By developing a battery with no performance sag, we’ve removed the stigma of underperforming rechargeable batteries that has stunted the industry’s growth. As we ready our batteries for a major rollout to retail outlets across North America, we’re thrilled to have exceeded the rigorous criteria of Popular Science editors and honored by this validation of our technology.”

Building on the high-power-producing nickel-zinc chemistry first developed by Thomas Edison, PowerGenix developed its battery technology to solve several of the key hurdles initially hindering its commercialization. The resulting 1.6-volt batteries deliver 30 percent more power than conventional rechargeable technologies and match the 1.5-volts of disposable alkalines that most gadgets, such as digital cameras and flashlights, are designed for.

In addition to offering advanced rechargeable battery performance, PowerGenix’s NiZn batteries are also safe, non-combustible and nontoxic. Certified by independent third party testing to meet Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards, PowerGenix’s batteries contain no heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury.

PowerGenix’s NiZn batteries are one of only five rechargeable chemistries to receive certification from the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) for collection and recycling at its more than 50,000 drop-off points in North America.

A profile of the batteries will appear in the December issue of Popular Science. Currently, the batteries are available at online retailers Amazon.com, DepotEco and GreenBatteries.com.

Each year, the editors of Popular Science review thousands of products in search of the top 100 tech innovations of the year; breakthrough products and technologies that represent a significant leap in their categories. The winners — the Best of What’s New — are awarded inclusion in the much-anticipated December issue of Popular Science, the most widely read issue of the year since the debut of Best of What’s New in 1987. Best of What’s New awards are presented to 100 new products and technologies in 11 categories: Automotive, Aviation & Space, Computing, Engineering, Gadgets, Green Technology, Home Entertainment, Security, Home Technology, Personal Health and Recreation. 

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PowerGenix has developed and patented a high-power and low-cost Nickel-Zinc battery for power intensive electronics, toys, power tools and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). PowerGenix Nickel-Zinc batteries are a higher performing and environmental friendly replacement for Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries in the multi-billion dollar rechargeable battery market–providing a smaller, lighter and highly recyclable alternative to existing technologies.