EIG Awarded Supply Contract from Tata Motors

 Energy Innovation Group Ltd. (EIG) a company that manufactures high energy and power density lithium ion batteries was awarded a supply contract by Miljøbil Grenland AS, a Norwegian subsidiary of Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc., for the Indica Vista EV project, a development of the TATA Indica Vista.

Within the supply agreement, EIG Ltd. is to supply the lithium ion polymer batteries to Miljøbil Grenland AS for the design validation and the subsequent engineering sign-off scheduled for early 2010. The supply agreement envisions the supply of two million battery cells as well as the associated parts and services through the end of 2012.

EIG Ltd. achieved ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certification, which is necessary for tier 1 automotive suppliers, in June of 2009. It is the first Korean manufacturer of large format lithium ion polymer battery manufacturer to achieve this certification. After being audited by Miljøbil Grenland and Tata Motor’s European Technical Centre plc., EIG has been recognized as meeting or exceeding all requirements to be a preferred supplier.

"All of us at EIG are proud that we met the rigorous requirements to be a Tata Motors preferred supplier," said Charlie Duncheon, CEO of EIG America, Inc. "This serves as further validation of EIG’s unique integration of product and manufacturing technology."

Energy Innovation Group, Ltd. (EIG) is a manufacturer of high energy density large format lithium ion polymer battery solutions. EIG offer products with multiple chemistries and integrated electronic battery management systems that provide safe and economically optimized solutions for the transportation, industrial, military, energy, and other global markets.