Utility Companies in the Northeast Launch Regional Electric Vehicle Initiative (REVI)

Participating utilities are: Connecticut Municipal Electrical Energy; Cooperative (CMEEC), Massachusetts; Municipal Wholesale Electric Company; (MMWEC), National Grid, Northeast Utilities; (NU), NSTAR and The United Illuminating Company (UI).

REVI’s focus supports regional and state policy goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop alternative fuel resources, utilizing the region’s existing electric system as the starting point for the new charging infrastructure of plug-in electric vehicles coming to market beginning in late 2010.

The REVI Utilities Working Group is a voluntary collaborative of interested electric utilities in the Northeast driven by the emergence of plug-in hybrid and battery-only electric vehicles ("EVs" inclusively). The group is organized to exchange information and establish shared positions and priorities for the region’s EV infrastructure. EVs have the potential to provide significant economic, environmental and social benefits, such as reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on imported oil, while reducing consumers’ energy costs. Member utilities have the potential to play a critical role in advancing the region’s EV planning process, policies and dialogue with external stakeholders.

Media contacts for participating utilities:

CMEEC (www.cmeec.org) Michael Cassella 860-965-2526 mobile
MMWEC (www.mmwec.org) Dave Tuohey 413-308-1392 office
National Grid (www.nationalgridus.com) Deborah Drew 508-389-2637 office
NU (www.nu.com) Al Lara 860-728-4616 office
NSTAR (www.nstar.com) Caroline Allen 617-424-2460 office
UI (www.uinet.com) Al Carbone 203-499-2247 office

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