Huge Growth for Wind Turbine Control Systems Market with Global Push for Renewable Energy

Asia’s strong demand for wind energy and growing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is driving demand of renewable sources of energy such as wind power. “Wind power is one of the key renewable energy sources that will make a significant contribution towards the goals of future energy models of every major country around the world. Wind power is now an important part of the global energy picture which is driving substantial growth in the business,” according to Senior Analyst Himanshu Shah, the principal author of ARC’s “Wind Turbine Control Systems Worldwide Outlook”.

Clean Energy Demand Will Drive Phenomenal Growth for Wind Turbine Control Systems Globally

This study covers wind turbine control systems which comprises five major types of sub-systems based on its functionality: Main Control System, Condition Monitoring System, Power Converter System, Pitch Control System, and Yaw Control System. Demand for wind turbine control systems is directly correlated to the demand for wind turbine manufacturing and wind power generation.

Global wind power installations will struggle throughout 2009, however suppliers are expecting a strong rebound after 2010. Strategic decisions made now will have far reaching implications on wind turbine control system suppliers as recovery continues beyond 2010 with continuing push to add wind power generation capacity. Intense market share competition will result in an increasing global competition and shift market power to the buyers.

Wind turbine control system suppliers are benefiting from an increasing demand for wind turbines worldwide and recognizing various areas of opportunities where performance can be improved. The report also discusses what market issues are faced by wind turbine control systems suppliers as well as suppliers’ strategies.

Regional Scenario

The world’s appetite for energy is growing faster than additional sources of fuel can be found. Emerging economies in Brazil, Russia, India and China are increasing pressure on the demand for energy resources. The worldwide market for wind power will continue to grow during the next five years due to substantial worldwide governmental incentives for renewable energy investments and new stimulus money in various countries as the push for alternative energy continues.

While the market continues a steady drive forward within Europe, a major surge of activity is occurring on a global level. Specifically, the US, India, and China have moved forward at a rapid pace in expanding wind power capacity. Asia and the US have witnessed exploding activities in wind power generation in the past couple of years. European wind turbine control suppliers have been the primary beneficiaries of these activities.

In addition to the quantitative assessment of the wind turbine control systems market, the report provides an insightful analysis of the market trends, technology trends, and strategies of suppliers that will impact this business in the future. A brief description regarding the regional scenarios for each major world area is also covered in this report.