Infiniti Confirms Plan for a Zero Emissions Vehicle

Mr. Ghosn stated that a concept is being developed for a stylish, compact, high performance four-seat luxury Infiniti with zero emissions.

With the addition of a high-performance V6 diesel to Infiniti’s Western Europe line in 2010, and the Infiniti M Hybrid, which will available in the U.S. in the spring of 2011, Infiniti will soon offer an almost unrivalled choice of powertrains compared with other luxury brands.

Infiniti offers a full-line of luxury performance automobiles, including the G Coupe, Sedan and Convertible, M sedan, EX and FX crossovers, and the QX full-size SUV.

A concept version is already being developed, with an eye toward the production vehicle’s design goals of a stylish, compact, yet high-performance all-electric four-seater. Nothing else about the new car has yet been released, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Nissan’s LEAF electric vehicle will share some of its technology over to the premium Infiniti brand.

External appearances are likely to be very different, however–despite sharing many platforms between the brands, there are markedly different styling and profile characteristics between Nissan and Infiniti products. Do expect there to be a fair bit of styling influence from the Essence concept, as that model is billed as a sort of distillation of the near future of Infiniti design.

Infiniti has also previously announced that it will build a hybrid version of the 2011 M sedan, due in 2012. The newly-announced all-electric compact is expected to make its debut around the same time, though no official dates have been released.

The Japanese automaker and its French partner and controlling shareholder Renault SA are investing heavily in electric vehicles for their mainstream brands. Nissan recently unveiled the Leaf EV in Japan and Renault showed four concepts last month at the Frankfurt Motor Show for electric vehicles that will go into production over the next three years.