Santa Monica, Calif. will be their first US customer to purchase a Rapid Electric Vehicles 300 ACX

Electric fleet vehicle solution provider Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) announced that the City of Santa Monica, Calif. will be their first US customer to purchase a REV 300 ACX. As part of the demonstration project with REV, the City will use the proprietary REV 300 ACX PACKs to transform a Ford Escape to a 100 percent electrified vehicle for fleet use. The vehicle features fast-install AC drive technology, integrated data management and is compatible with networked charging station infrastructure.

“We partnered with REV on this project because they have produced a high-quality conversion and they are leading the way with innovative, economical and eco-friendly solutions to help move fleets toward zero emission vehicles,” said Rick Sikes : , fleet superintendent from the City of Santa Monica. “The City of Santa Monica has a long history of sustainability and is committed to preserving our picturesque environment and resources for future generations to enjoy. The REV 300 ACX will help us reach these goals.”

The REV 300 ACX travels 100 miles on a single charge while maintaining the performance capabilities of the original vehicle. The REV electric fleet vehicle is efficient with regenerative braking, eGear drive transmission, and less than 10 moving parts. The vehicles are safe with built-in inertia switches, a manual safety disconnect, 4-wheel ABS brakes, and full system airbags. They are also reliable with 1/10 th the maintenance, Vehicle to Grid ready, recharge in as little as 3.5 hours, and have built-in fleet information systems.

“We are encouraging municipalities in Southern California that want 100 percent electric fleet vehicles to join our Co-Development and Launch Partner Program. This program combines individual municipal orders into larger orders that will save nearly 30 percent of the pre-production costs,” says Jay Giraud, president and CEO of REV. “This will also bring needed job creation to the Southern California region as the transformation of these vehicles can be done locally. The transformation of gas guzzling vehicles into 100 percent electric vehicles will allow these cities to reduce carbon emissions, create jobs and lower costs of operations, saving taxpayer dollars.”

REV is adding Co-Development Partners to its 2009 fleet vehicle pilot program. Participants can select to receive a complete package of vehicle drive systems, Level 1 or 2 Chargepoints™, Gridpoint™ fleet management systems, and ongoing technical support. Interested organizations can contact REV using the form below. Space is very limited and filling quickly.

Deliveries for REV’s Launch Partner Program will begin in mid-2010, and production capacity is limited. To be considered for the Launch Partner Program, please contact us immediately using the form below to secure your units in the production queue.

Operating-Lease To Own Program

For 2010 deliveries, fleets can apply for an Operating Lease payment option with as little as zero down. The Operating Lease program aims to put payments on or near par with the fuel and maintenance costs of the pre-transformed vehicles being considered to go electric.

Benefits of the Lease To Own Program:

* Equal monthly payments that replace fuel and maintenance costs
* Saves money by reducing total cost of ownership
* Extends service life of an electric vehicle which delays new capital purchases.

To see if this option is right for you, please contact us or use our ROI Calculator to calculate your fuel and maintenance costs and request a product presentation.

Due to very high demand for the 300 ACX our 2010 production capacity is limited! To secure the units you require in the production queue, please contact us at 604-568-5135 or use the form below.

REV has designed the world’s first, fleet purposeful, all-electric passenger vehicle. After extensive research and analysis with over 50 government and commercial fleet operators in North America, the 300 ACX is ready to take fleet operations into the 21st century. Running off low-cost electricity from the grid, REV fleet vehicles have a lower total cost of ownership over any traditional gas vehicles.

To increase efficiency even further, REV vehicles come optionally equipped with the GridPoint™ interface which enables fleet managers to track vehicle energy consumption patterns and to time grid recharging for periods of off peak power demand. The 300 ACX allows charging from either a regular 120 VAC source or from a 220 VAC source via a 6kW on board charger.

Besides eliminating emissions and reducing ownership costs, electrifying vehicles has other surprising benefits as well. Replacing vacuum systems with electric steering and brakes means a smoother and safer driving experience. In the event of engine failure, independent power for steering and braking means they continue to function, resulting in a safe stop. In addition, improving the vehicle’s center of gravity and weight distribution provide a better handling, and easier to maneuver driving experience.

With less than 10 moving parts, the REV 300 ACX has little to wear, and nothing to tear. This means more time on the road getting the job done, and less time in the garage getting repaired. REV vehicles require less than 1/10th the amount of maintenance of a traditional gas or hybrid vehicle.

Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) is a leader in electric vehicle solutions for fleets, delivering a fully integrated solution for transforming and electrifying fleets. The complete solution provides everything fleets need to transform their existing passenger vehicles into 100 percent electric vehicles including: fast-install AC drive technology, integrated data management, charging stations, fleet charging management and V2G. The REV product eliminates vehicle emissions with a systems-integrated approach designed specifically for fleet operations while saving fuel and maintenance costs and increasing fleet-service life. For more information on REV visit