Wind power: No harmful side-effects By Marc Oxley

There would be no fenland landscape without the windmills that drained the water from the soil 300 years ago. In 2001 we imported 80m tonnes of oil rising to 180m tonnes in 2008. We currently import 40 per cent of our gas and that is predicted to rise to 80 per cent by 2015.

We are dependent on foreign powers for our main source of heat and light. Without renewable energy there will potentially be no power to heat and light homes in 20 years. What will your house be worth then.

Wind energy can generate power at maximum, for 95 to 98 per cent of the time per year if conditions are right.

A wind farm like the one at Burton Wolds outside Kettering with 10 turbines can generate 20MW of Power. 85 per cent of residents of Burton Latimer now support the new wind farm.

A 2 MW wind turbine can generate enough power to meet the electricity demands of 1,100 homes annually.

That wind energy is fed into the grid and will benefit homes adjacent to the turbine. That means less energy is lost by transmitting around the country. About 10 to 15 per cent of energy is lost in that way. A 3 MW turbine pays off the energy expended in its manufacture and construction within six months.

Contrast that with the hundreds of billions of pounds spent on nuclear power in construction and decommissioning costs and the ongoing problem of disposing of waste, some of which is highly toxic for 100,000 years.