R Martin Limited Announces New Highly Efficient Electric Bikes

Imagine leaving your car parked and easily gliding to school, your local store, or restaurant without actually using any gas and returning for less than a penny in transportation cost. R Martin Limited offers a line of electric bikes that are alternative, plug-in, electric transportation that charge by plugging into any common wall outlet.

Many do not want to get overheated before going into the office. A daunting ride on a traditional bicycle becomes almost effortless on a pedal-assist electric bike. Electric bikes help promote cycling as a viable mode of alternative transportation and encourage people to bike to places they would normally drive.

R Martin electric bicycles are not classified as motor vehicles and therefore require no license or insurance to operate. By combining high-quality lithium batteries and high-efficiency motors, R Martin bikes can travel 30+ miles per charge with little or no pedaling. This makes them a popular choice for short urban commuting trips without the expense and hassle of traditional gas-powered transportation.

Electric bicycles are also a perfect complement to public transportation. Commuters can take their electric bikes on the train or bus — providing an easy method of getting to your office or shopping without the long walk.

The new "R" models — R10, R11, R12, and R13 — use a patented crank style motor that is 50% more efficient than previous hub motors. This makes the new models excellent for hill climbing or cruising to the office, school, store or around town.

Companies looking to promote eco-conscious products are offering R Martin bikes as alternative transportation in several markets across the country. These dealers provide sales and service for all of the R Martin products. Consumers can also purchase R Martin electric bikes direct through the http://www.electricbikedistributor.com website.

"We are pleased to be able to offer clean, affordable alternative transportation to our customers," said Randall Schleier, sales manager at R Martin Limited. "While there is a lot of hype surrounding hybrid and electric vehicles, electric bikes are reliable and cost-effective today. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on gas/electric hybrids to ‘go green’ and get out of the car," continued Mr. Schleier.

R Martin bicycles use a small electric motor and powerful lithium battery packs mounted inconspicuously on the bicycle to propel the rider. The rider can pedal or just use the variable-speed twist throttle to cruise at speeds up to 20 mph, making cycling up a hill or carrying a heavy load a breeze. R Martin bicycles are winning over a growing number of eco-conscious people in the US.

About R Martin Limited

Headquartered in Austin, TX, R Martin Limited offers several models of plug-in electric bicycles, electric mobility scooters and electric mopeds under the trademarked R Martin label as well as models from other OEM brands. Styles include mountain, folding, step-through scooter, and cruisers. Customers may purchase direct from the warehouse with nationwide residential delivery to the customer’s door.