China Wind Turbine Blade Industry

Since 2009, the price of China’s wind turbine blade has decreased substantially, which is a big challenge for these new entrants and existing wind turbine blade manufacturers. On the development trends of current domestic wind power equipment market, supply and demand tension has been greatly eased with the original manufacturers and the new large-scale expansion project inputs.

However, we believe that prospects of the whole wind power equipment manufacturing remain favorable, despite the huge profits time has slowly away, but is still a relatively high profit margins in manufacturing industries and the future market scale will be further expanded.

From the latest statistical data, at of the end of June 2009, the national on-grid wind power installed capacity is 11.81 million kilowatts, an increase of 101%, reflecting that the overall wind power market continues to maintain a rapid growth trend. On July 24, 2009, China Development and Reform Commission published the Notice on Wind Power on the Pricing Policy.

It stipulates that the whole country will be divided into four categories of wind power resource areas according to the situation of wind power resources and engineering construction conditions, and then the corresponding wind power electricity price benchmark will be fixed.

Since August 1st of 2009, the wind power electricity price benchmark in Chinese four resource areas will be 0.51 RMB (0.074 USD) Kw/h, 0.54 RMB (0.079 USD) Kw/h, 0.58 RMB (0.085 USD) Kw/h, and 0.61 RMB (0.089 USD) Kw/h separately. We believe that the new pricing policy will have a favorable impact to enhance the operator’s profitability and stimulate the development of China’s wind power industry.

As for the unreasonable redundant construction in wind power industry, the government also has introduced some relevant control measures, which is undoubtedly good news to the existing industries and enterprises. The original "long-term renewable energy development plan" for wind powers by 2020 the total installed capacity is determined by 30 million kilowatts, and now that goal may be adjusted to from 100 to 150 million kilowatts, 30 million kilowatts and the goals may be able to achieve in 2011. We believe that the policy of this series will make wind turbine blade industry maintain a continued healthy growth.

In the report, the following information will be included:
China Wind Turbine Blade Production Supply Sales Demand marketing and technology (equipment) information;
China Wind Turbine Blade production and demand from 2008-2013;
China Wind Turbine Blade manufacturers Wind Turbine Blade Capacity Production Cost Average selling price Production Value Revenue Profit etc information;
China Wind Turbine Blade manufacturers Product Information (included 750KW, 800KW,850KW,1.5MW,2.0MW wind turbine blade etc information and technology information);
Upstream raw materials analysis (included: glass fiber, resin etc raw materials sources and supply chain relationship; Equipment source and supply relationship);
Downstream client or demand analysis, (included: sales contracts customers etc);
China Wind Turbine Blade industry development trend analysis by technology (Hand Lay-up VARTM) price etc;
China Wind Turbine Blade industry development trend and related conclusions;
In a word, it was a depth research report on china Wind Turbine Blade industry chain. And thanks to the China Wind Turbine Blade marketing or technology experts help and support during QYResearch Wind Energy team survey and interview.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One Wind Turbine Blade Industry Overview 1
1.1 Definition of Wind Turbine Blade 1
1.2 Classification and Application 2
1.3 Wind Turbine Blade Structure 2
1.4 Industry Chain Structure 3
1.5 Wind Turbine Blade Industry Outlook 3

Chapter Two Manufacture Technology and Processes of Wind Turbine Blade 8
2.1 Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Technology Overview 8
2.1.1 Hand Lay-up 8
2.1.2 VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding) 9
2.2 Comparison between Hand Lay-up and VARTM 10
2.2.1 Hand Lay-up Process Flow 10
2.2.2 VARTM Process Flow 11
2.2.3 Comparison between Hand Lay-up and VARTM 12
2.3 Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture 14
2.3.1 Raw materials and Equipment 14
2.3.2 Wind Turbine Blade Cost structure 14
2.4 Raw materials and equipment suppliers 16
2.4.1 Wind Turbine Blade Mould 16 Lianyungang -baoxiang Machinery Co., Ltd 17 Baoding HuaYi Wind Turbine Blade R?D Co.,Ltd 18 Suzhou Hongfeng Wind Power Co., Ltd. 18 ShangHai YinTuo Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. 18
2.4.2 Resin 19 Swancor (Tianjin) wind power material Co.,Ltd 20 Jinling DSM Resins Co.,Ltd. 20 BASFiUSAj 21 Epoxy base electronic material corporation limited 23
2.4.3 Glass fiber products 24 Jushi Group Co., Ltd 24 Changshu Jiangnan Glass Fiber 25 Taishan Fiberglass Inc. 26
2.4.4 Sandwich material 27 DIAB 28 Sino Composite Co., Ltd. 29
2.4.5 Supplementary material 29 Shanghai Yueke Composite Co., Ltd, 29 Tianjin Fusai Science&Technology Development Co.,Ltd 31
2.5 China Output (MW) And Market share Of Different Wind Turbine Blade ManufacturingTechnologies In 2008 32
2.6 Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Technology used in China enterprise 32
2.7 Prospect of Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Technology 33

Chapter Three China Wind Turbine Blade Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 34
3.1 Wind Turbine Blade Productions Overview 34
3.2 Wind Turbine Blade Demand 37
3.3 Supply and Demand of China Wind Turbine Blade 86
3.4 Cost Price Value Profit Margin of China Wind Turbine Blade 86
3.5 Wind Turbine Blade Customer relation List 89
3.6 2008-2013 Different kinds of Wind Turbine Blade New Installed CapacityiMWjand Market share List 91

Chapter Four China Wind Turbine Blade Key Manufacturers 93
4.1 Zhong Hang Huiteng Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd iBaoding VARTM Hand Lay-upj 93
4.2 Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co. LtdiLianyungang VARTMj 100
4.3 VestasiDenmark Tianjin 2.0MW 850KW VARTMj 107
4.4 LMiDenmark Tianjin VARTMj 112
4.5 GamesaiSpain Tianjin 850KW 2.0MW VARTMj 120
4.6 Shanghai FRP Research InstituteiLengGuang Industrial 600629 Shanghai VARTM Hand Lay-upj 127
4.7 SinomaiBeijing VARTMj 133
4.8 DongqiiTianjin VARTMj 140
4.9 Zhong Neng WindpoweriBaoding VARTM Hand Lay-up 146
4.10 NordexiGermany Yinchuan 1.5MW VARTMj 155
4.11 SuzloniIndia Tianjin 1.25MW 1.5MW VARTMj 160
4.12 Guo Dian United PoweriBaoding VARTMj 167
4.13 Xinfeng EnergyiTianjin VARTM Hand Lay-upj 171
4.14 Miracle Logisticsi002009 Wuxi VARTMj 176
4.15 HuaYi Wind Turbine BladeiBaoding VARTMj 181
4.16 Tianwei Wind PoweriBaoding VARTMj 185
4.17 Other wind turbine blade manufacturers 190
4.17.1 Henan Mingdu Wind-power Co. Ltd (Henan 1.5MW rolled off the production line) 190
4.17.2 Luoyang Sunrui wind turbine blade Co. Ltd (Henan 2.0MW rolled off the production line) 190
4.17.3 Granville century Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shandong has been put into operation) 191
4.17.4 Siemens Wind Power company (Shanghai Building project) 192
4.11.5 Jiangsu Jiuding Group (Jiangsu Building project) 192
4.17.6 Hangtian yijiu Technology Development Co., Ltd (Inner Mongolia 1.5MW rolled off the production line) 192
4.17.7 Baiyin zhongke yuneng Technology Development Co., Ltd (Gansu 1.5MW rolled off the production line) 193
4.17.8 Zhuzhou Times New Materials Technology Co., Ltd (Hunan Building project) 194
4.17.9 SQ Wind (Harbin 1.5MW rolled off the production line) 195
4.17.10 Lintex Composites Co.,Ltd(Zhejiang rolled off the production line) 195
4.17.11 Hong Kong Xiexin (Group) Yancheng Hand wind power equipment projectiJiangsuj 196
4.17.12 Zhangjiakou Kunyuan wind poweriHebei Huitengj 197
4.17.13 Suzhou Licang Win-Power Equipment Co., LtdiJiangsu Building Projectj 198
4.17.14 M.SKAUGEN ASAiDenmark Zhengzhou Proposed Projectj 198
4.17.15 Hanwei Energy Services CorpiHeilongjiangj 198

Chapter Five Wind Turbine blade Downstream Co-operation Wind Turbine Manufacturers 200
5.1 SinoveliBeijing 1.5MWj 200
5.2 GoldwindiXinjiang 750KW 1.5MWj 208
5.3 DECiSichuan 1.5MWj 220
5.4 WindeyiZhejiang 750KW 800KW 1.5MWj 226
5.5 MingyangiGuangdong 1.5MW 3.0MWj 233
5.6 GEiUSA Shenyang 1.5MWj 237

Chapter Six Feasibility Analysis of China New Wind Turbine Blade Projects 242
6.1 Opportunity and Risk of China Wind Turbine Blade Projects 242
6.2 Feasibility Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade project 244

Chapter Seven Wind Turbine Blade Industry Research Conclusions 247