Leitner Shriram wind turbine plant goes on stream in India

The new plant has a capacity to make 120 units turbines a year, and the company aims to increase it to 250 units by next fiscal, a company spokesperson said.

A more amicable tariff for renewable energy would be part of the government’s initiative on expansion of wind energy, said Union Minister of State for Power Bharatsinh Solanki.

The facility created by an Indo-Italian joint venture would have a capacity of manufacturing 120 wind turbine generators annually. The built-up area of the plant is around 2.50 lakh sq. ft. The unit employs around 300 people.

The Minister said that there was a need to organise India’s energy resources as it had emerged as the sixth largest energy consumer in the world. The facility would contribute to capacity addition in wind energy potential of Tamil Nadu, which is the largest producer of wind power in the country, he said.

Managing Director and CEO of Shriram EPC Ltd. T. Shivaraman said, “The facility would start exporting in November. It has been designed as a sourcing hub.”

President of Leitner Technologies Group Michael Seeber said, “Chennai has proven to be the ideal location for our factory. It took a very short time to get the factory ready and start our production.”

Managing Director of Leitner Shriram Manufacturing Ltd. P. Ashok said that the facility would produce world class gearless wind turbines.

In September 2006, Leitner Shriram Manufacturing received approval and certification of Deutsches Wind Energie-Institut GmbH for the design of their 250KW-class WTG, after which they started manufacturing and selling their own 250 KW WTGs.

In April 2007, Leitner Shriram Manufacturing received ISO9001:2000 certification from DAS Certification Ltd. for the manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance of wind turbines and development of wind turbines.

With a view to pursuing growth opportunities for WTGs in India and in the global market, Leitner Shriram Manufacturing have taken initiatives to broaden their WTG product portfolio by focusing on the manufacture of higher capacity MW-class machines.

Leitner Shriram Manufacturing entered into two joint ventures with Leitwind, a Netherlands company that has developed certain proprietary technology used in WTGs, to broaden our WTG product range. Leitwind is a leader in ropeway systems and has developed permanent magnet-based drive technology, which is the key component used in WTGs.

Leitner Shriram, which is owned 51% by Leitwind and 49% by the Company, was formed on January 10, 2007 with the purpose of manufacturing MW-class wind turbines. Leitner Shriram has already commenced manufacture of WTG’s.