AAER Signs Reservation Agreement with Camelot Wind, LLC

AAER Inc. (TSX-V: AAE), ("AAER" or the "Corporation"), Canada’s only original equipment manufacturer of wind turbines of 1 megawatt ("MW") and more, announced today that it has signed a Reservation Agreement for one 1.65 MW wind turbine to be delivered to Camelot Wind, LLC in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA for its "Camelot Industrial Park" project. The A-1650 wind turbine is scheduled for delivery during the first quarter of 2010.

"We are pleased to be the supplier of choice to Camelot Wind, LLC," said Dave Gagnon, President and CEO of AAER. "As we continue to win mandates to supply commercial and community base wind projects, we believe it validates our business strategy of targeting this market niche of wind parks not exceeding 50MW. We look forward to growing our business as the North American economy begins its recovery."

AAER and Camelot Wind, LLC expect to execute the Turbine Supply Agreement ("TSA") within 90 days of the signing of the Reservation Agreement. This will allow Camelot Wind, LLC to secure financing as well as to obtain regulatory approvals for the Camelot project. The overall sale price is approximately US$2.7 million. In addition to the TSA, AAER and Camelot Wind, LLC will enter into a five-year Warranty, Maintenance & Service Agreement. 

The A-1650 is an optimized version of the A-1500. This three-blade, horizontal-axis turbine is designed for high performance in various wind and terrain conditions.

The new configuration and rotor sizes improve the output performance of the wind turbine. The A-1650 has a variable rotational speed and full span pitch control and reaches its rated output at a wind speed of 12 m/s.

The combination of electrical torque control and pitch control allows the wind turbine to be operated at a wind speed of 3.5 m/s, with a virtually constant power output from 12 through 20 m/s.
The A-1650 features a new control system, new rotor sizes, robust gearbox construction with integrated rotor shaft, making the unit more compact and silent. The A-1650’s superior performance is the result of:

* New generation of advanced power electronics IGBT converter.
* Larger rotor size for wind class III.
* Access to control system from the bottom of the tower.
* Sophisticated gear system for longer life.
* Compact and robust nacelle.
* Speed and torque controlled by pitch system.

The A-2000 is a three-blade, horizontal-axis turbine, designed for optimal use of wind energy on all types of sites.

It has an optimized torque control system combining variable-ratio superposition gear (SPG) with individual pitch control of the blades. This means that it can be operated at optimum aerodynamic efficiency throughout the whole operational range. The gearbox ratio is controlled via a highly responsive electronic hydraulic governor system which maintains synchronous generation while controlling the dynamic loads in the drive train. This combination of SPG and pitch control allows the wind turbine to be operated from 3 m/s.
The A-2000 features robust gearbox construction with integrated rotor shaft, making the unit more compact and silent.

* Superposition gear (SPG) drive train concept provides full control of variable speeds
* Stand-alone operation enabled by synchronous generator, which requires no power
* No generation of harmonics into grid
* High short-circuit current capability
* Synchronous generator operates at high voltage (6.3 kV and greater), enabling a reduction in cable size.

AAER is a wind turbine manufacturer located in Bromont, Quebec that manufactures and maintains high capacity 1 MW or more wind turbines principally for the North American market. Its strategy is to progressively build its products’ components to provide a high level of reliability and competitive pricing to its customers. AAER uses a portfolio of proven European technologies to ensure the performance of its turbines in various wind conditions and terrains. Its stock is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V: AAE). Additional information is available on the Corporation’s website at