Remy and Phoenix International collaborate to produce motors and controls for electric vehicles

This new approach to motor/inverter design was an integral part of the $60.2M manufacturing grant awarded to Remy and Phoenix International by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

This new approach to product design and manufacturing will greatly reduce the excessive engineering costs and development time associated with the current approach of custom designs. The focus will be on high efficiency and high durability systems necessary for truck, bus, military, and various off-road equipment manufacturers. The matched motors and controllers will be offered to the market independently or as an integrated system.

According to John Weber, Remy CEO, "Remy is delighted to be working with Phoenix International on this project because of their reputation for product performance in the most rugged and demanding applications. We also share a common strategy for standardizing our products in order to lower barriers to entry for customers in this emerging market."

Significant savings are expected as a result of this collaborative effort. A standardized product and testing platform provides OEMs and their supplier’s savings on engineering costs, tooling costs, and component costs. A greater amount of standardization will not only decrease costs by millions of dollars but also help manufacturers get products to market much faster.

"Phoenix International is excited to work with Remy, who is leading technology innovation in the production of hybrid electric motors. We are confident our companies’ combined strengths and expertise can create the cost-effective environment necessary to draw many more vehicle manufacturers to the hybrid marketplace," states Phoenix International President Chuck Kaufman.

Not only does this innovative solution lower costs and eliminate unnecessary time-to-market delays, but it also helps strengthen the American economy.  This investment is expected to create nearly 1,000 highly skilled jobs in the United States for Remy and their supply base. It will also help establish a strong domestic manufacturing base for electric drive motor technology and accelerate the use of electric drive vehicles with higher fuel efficiency. The benefits of this relationship have a broad impact on thousands of American workers, fuel consumption, and our environment.

Remy has the largest hybrid motor production capacity and the most advanced hybrid testing facility in North America. The DOE and other third-party tests have proven Remy’s electric motor/generator has higher power density and higher torque density than any other product on the market today; thus creating higher output while using far less space and weight than other motor/generators.

Like Remy, Phoenix International has been producing quality integrated electronics that can withstand the harshest physical and electrical environments for customers in a wide range of heavy equipment and industrial/commercial market applications. Phoenix International has expanded to be a full line provider of high voltage Power Inverters with industry leading power densities and a cost effective embedded software for motor controls.

The first matched motor and controller is scheduled for October of 2009 based on Remy’s high voltage hairpin "HVH" technology. These products will have superior power density, superior torque density, higher efficiency, and better durability than other motor/generators available on the market today.

Government Announces Remy International, Inc. Will Receive Department of Energy Grant for $60.2 Million

The United States government today announced $2.4 billion in grants to accelerate the manufacturing and deployment of the next generation of U.S. batteries and electric vehicles. Remy International, Inc. was among the grant winners and will receive $60.2 million to establish a standardized platform of hybrid electric motors and controls.

"This is outstanding news as it accelerates our growth strategy," said John Weber, President and CEO of Remy International, lnc. "This reconfirms Remy’s technology in hybrid electric motors and will accelerate our leadership position in the market."

The DOE grant awarded to Remy and its co-applicant, Phoenix International (a John Deere company), will allow for critical capital and human resource investments to produce a full line of standard electric motors and power electronics. This investment will create or protect nearly 1,000 highly skilled jobs in the United States for Remy, its partners, and its supply base. It will also establish a strong domestic manufacturing base for electric drive motor technology and accelerate the use of electric drive vehicles with higher fuel efficiency.

Remy is the largest North American hybrid electric motor manufacturer with industry leading technology and intellectual property. Its hybrid electric motor platform can be used in passenger vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment vehicles.

Hybrid Motors

Remy is a leader in the hybrid market. Our superior engineering and design have resulted in hybrid solutions that provide higher output and better performance and are scalable for multiple applications. Consider our electric motors that today outperform Department of Energy power density benchmarks for 2020. This patented design and assembly technology has been in production since 2006, and is currently powering passenger vehicles. With more innovations in production, we’re setting the standard for greater performance and less dependence on fossil fuels—opening the road to increased hybrid use.

Engineering Powerhouse

Our engineering department has developed patented technologies behind the industry’s most efficient components. Now, we’re expanding your options with a scalable, dual platform off-the-shelf hybrid motor program. Our High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) and Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) platforms will lower current cost barriers and spur the adoption of hybrid technology in all vehicle types, from passenger cars and trucks to heavy duty applications. And our HVH platform boasts better continuous power than any other motor on the market.

Precision Manufacturing Techniques

Our global network of manufacturing facilities follows lean manufacturing processes that reduce waste and increase efficiency. Due to servicing the large automotive and wide range of industrial and truck customers in the world, we have the capacity to support your need—large or small. Our product design and manufacturing prowess keep us focused on continually improving our products—how they are produced and how they perform.

Testing Procedures/Quality Assurance

With the largest hybrid motor testing facility in North America, Remy has been instrumental in developing hybrid testing protocols for the industry. Our testing procedures and quality assurance processes meet and exceed the requirements of the largest international automobile manufacturers, with thousands of hours of validation and testing under extreme conditions. When you purchase Remy products, quality is guaranteed.

About Remy International, Inc.

Remy International, Inc., headquartered in Pendleton, Indiana, is a leading global manufacturer, remanufacturer and distributor of Remy brand starters, alternators and hybrid power technology and Delco Remy brand heavy-duty systems. To learn more, visit the Remy brand website at