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Wind Power in China – Sinovel

Sinovel specializes in the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of a variety of wind turbines. Currently it has about 1,700 employees, nearly 1,000 of whom are technicians. There are nearly 300 senior engineers or technicians with PhD/ Master degree in its research center, who contribute to the continuous development of its technology.

Its technological innovation

Sinovel first introduced the technology of MW-class wind turbine and developed a series of 1.5 MW wind turbine in China which are adaptable to different environmental conditions. Meanwhile Sinovel completed the design and development of the 3MW series of wind turbines, which can be used on various of onshore,offshore and intertidal wind farms.

In 2009, Sinovel has erected its 3 MW wind turbines on China’s first demonstration offshore project – the Shanghai Donghai Bridge 102MW. Sinovel is now in the process of developing its own 5MW wind turbines, and will move forward as it meets the various needs of its customers.

Its market expansion

With its great quality products and brilliant service, Sinovel has so far entered into contracts with many giant-scale wind farms and made remarkable contributions to China’s renewable energy.

Sinovel markets globally. In India, it has constructed a wind farm. With more on its global planning list that includes branches in US and Europe, Sinovel, along with its counterparts, will make our planet greener.

At 17:58 on March 20th 2009, the first 3MW offshore wind turbine in China, developed by Sinovel Wind Co., Ltd., was successfully erected at the 102 MW offshore wind farm-Shanghai Donghai Bridge, China’s first national offshore wind demonstration project.

SL3000 Series Wind Turbine

SL3000 series wind turbine adopts three-blade horizontal-axis structure and integrates advanced power generating technologies such as variable speed control, pitch regulated system and double-fed inductive generator. SL3000 series wind turbine has both normal climate and cold climate version and it is suitable for onshore, offshore, and intertidal installation to satisfy various wind energy resource conditions.

SL1500 Series Wind Turbine

SL1500 series wind turbine adopts three-blade, horizontal-axis structure and integrates advanced power generating technologies such as variable speed control, pitch regulated system and double-fed inductive generator. Based on its large unit power capacity, evolutionary technology, and competitive cost effectiveness, SL1500 series wind turbine is completely capable of meeting various operation requirements for different climate and wind energy resource conditions.

Sinovel and Guangdong Nuclear Power signed strategic cooperation agreement on 5 GW wind power project

On August 9, 2009, China’s largest wind turbine manufacturer Sinovel signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Jiuquan on the 5GW Wind Power Project with Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, the largest clean energy enterprise in China, featuring Nuclear & Wind Power.

The signing ceremony was attended by Zhang Guobao, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission & Director of the National Energy Administration; Lu Hao, Secretary of the CPC Gansu Committee & Chairman of the People’s Congress Standing Committee of Gansu Province; Xu Shousheng, Governor of Gansu Province & Vice secretary of the CPC Gansu Committee; Feng Jianshen, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Gansu Committee & Deputy Governor of Gansu Province and Jiang Xinzhi, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Gansu Committee & Secretary-General of the CPC Gansu Committee, together with some other senior government officials.

Both parties have decided to work together to develop 5GW + Wind Power Projects and planned to build a 1GW pilot project in Jiuquan of Gansu Province. Han Junliang, Sinovel Chairman and President, said Sinovel will continue to provide customers with technologically advanced top-quality wind turbines and high-quality services in all aspect.

Construction of 10 GW wind power base in Jiuquan brings golden opportunities for Sinovel

The construction of the world’s largest wind farm — Gansu Jiuquan 10 GW Wind Power farm started in the afternoon of August 8, 2009 at Yumen Changma Wind Farm, 160 kilometers away from the city of Jiuquan. The project is expected to form the wind power installed capacity of 5.16 GW by the end of the "11th 5-Year Period" and 12.71 GW by the end of the "12th 5-Year Period".

Zhang Guobao, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission and Director of the National Energy Administration, mentioned at the groundbreaking ceremony that China will adopt a strategy of "large farms for the major power grid", build a number of 10 GW wind power farms where wind energy resources abound, and create a "Three Gorges Project" of wind power in the air. He said that the Jiuquan wind power farm is a pilot project to be built first among those farms. The approved first-phase project will have the total installed capacity of over 5 GW by next year; the second-phase planning and preparatory work are now underway and the total installed capacity is expected to reach 12.71 GW by 2015, making the largest wind farm in the world.

Han Junliang, Sinovel Chairman & President noted in his speech representing the equipment suppliers that, among the 3.8 GW first-phase franchise projects of the Gansu national 10GW Wind Power farm in 2008, Sinovel was the successful bidder for 1.8 GW. As the biggest equipment supplier, Sinovel is obliged to take an active part in the farm construction. Sinovel are confident and capable of providing the state-of-the-art top-quality wind turbines for the farm.

In the morning of August 8, Sinovel and Gansu Provincial Power Investment Corporation signed the procurement contract for the 150 MW Wind Power franchise project of the Gansu Jiuquan Wind Power farm Guazhou Ganhekou No.5 wind farm.

Sinovel – China’s number 1 in the wind power industry

The report on "International Wind Energy Development" (2009) published by global consulting firm BTM Consult, the world’s leading authority in the wind power industry, pointed out that China’s wind turbine installation reached a total capacity of 121,210 MW in 2008, of which Sinovel’s wind turbine installation exceeded a capacity of 1,400 MW, accounting for 22.5% of China’s total new capacity installed in 2008.

Ranked number 1 in China and number 7 in the world for the wind power industry, this is yet another milestone for Sinovel’s growth journey. Sinovel will continue to maintain its vanguard position and strive towards becoming the most competitive wind power enterprise in the world within the next few years.