Preliminary Wind Farm Designs to Public Service Company of Colorado

Blue Diamond Ventures, through its affiliate Blue Diamond Ventures Renewables, LLC, and its joint venture partner Freedom Works, LLC, recently gave to the Public Service Company of Colorado preliminary designs to study the feasibility and facility impact of a 198 megawatt wind farm plus 68 miles of transmission line in southern Colorado.

The Public Service Company of Colorado is also studying PSS/e model of the selected wind turbine generators. Discussions with Vestas (selected turbine manufacturer) and the Public Service Company of Colorado regarding proposed generator model conclude this week. This final disposition of the modeling will move our interconnection request towards a conclusion of the combined feasibility and site impact study requirements of the wind power project.

Blue Diamond Ventures/ FreedomWorks, LLC JV is currently first in the queue position at the San Luis Valley Substation. Plans are to construct the wind farm and transmission project near La Veta Pass, Colorado. The new transmission line will intertie at the existing substation in San Luis Valley.

About Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc.:

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. is an agricultural company, and through its affiliate, Blue Diamond Ventures Biofuels, LLC, conducts business as a biofuels company with operations in the U.S. and future endeavors in the Caribbean and Ethiopia.