Global Wind Power Report 2009 Estimates the Market to Grow at a CAGR of 19.75% to Reach 425 GW by 2015

At the beginning of 2009, the global wind power generating capacity stood at almost 121 gigawatts (GW), representing a twelve-fold increase from a decade ago when world wind power generation capacity was just over 10.2GW.

Being an emerging fuel source a decade ago, wind energy has grown rapidly into a mature and booming global industry, primarily due to global concerns over climate change, energy security and declining costs of wind power generation.

The future prospects of the global wind industry are very encouraging and it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 19.75% between 2008 and 2015 to reach 425GW by 2015.

The report – Global Wind Power Report (2009) – analyzes this industry, starting from the basics to what is driving this industry. The report starts off with a brief overview of the global energy market which contains data on global energy statistics, outlook for the industry, the growing focus on renewable energy worldwide, and of course, the potential of wind energy.

The report then moves on the discussing the basic technology behind wind turbines. The section looks at component and principles of wind turbines and the various types of wind turbines available today.

Further, the report discusses in details the global wind industry with current wind turbine installations, recent industry developments and future prospects of the technology.

The report also presents insights into the factors that are encouraging this industry along with challenges that need to be addressed for future growths.

A detailed cost analysis is presented to give current and future generation costs and its costs are compared with other technologies.

The report further investigates developments and trends in various countries across the world. For each of these countries, report covers current developments, factors driving growth, policy to support wind energy and future prospects of wind energy in that country.

Brief profiles of leading vendors and developers including – Enercon, Gamesa, GE, Nordex AG, Siemens, Suzlon and Vestas – is also presented. The report also presents a study of some recent and important wind power projects across the globe.

Key Topics Covered: I. Executive Summary, Ii. Global Energy Market, Iii. Wind Power – Basic Technology, Iv. Global Wind Energy Market,
V. Factors Affecting Wind Energy Growth, Vi. Cost Analysis, Vii. Major Wind Energy Markets, Viii. Major Wind Power Companies, Ix. Wind Energy Projects, X. Appendix And Glossary

Companies Mentioned:

Acciona Energy Airtricity Holdings Limited Atlantic Orient Cielo Wind Power LLC DeWind Inc. Ecotecnia EDF Energies Nouvelles Enercon GmbH Gamesa Eolica S.A. GE Wind Energy Horizon Wind Energy Invenergy LLC LM Glasfiber Mitsubishi Nordex AG REpower Systems AG Scanwind Group AS Siemens Wind Power A/S Suzlon Energy TransCanada Corporation Vestas Wind Systems A/S Western Wind Energy Corp. Wind Prospect Group Windtec GmBH WKN Windkraft Nord AG