Difference Between Hybrid And Electric Cars

As the world works towards taking greater care of the environment and the resources we have on earth, both electric and hybrid cars have gained a lot of popularity. There are many people who are confused on what exactly the difference between the two is, with some assuming that they are one and the same. Electric and hybrid cars are actually different and have different merits and demerits as we are about to find out.

The critical difference between an electric car and a hybrid car is the fact that electric cars run on pure electric power and are therefore emission less or emission free. They require charging and will run until the charge runs out, at which point they will require recharging. The running of electric cars is the most environmental friendly option we have today.

The introduction of electric cars has meant that we have a greener and more environmental friendly method to drive to work everyday; and we no longer need to think about our carbon footprint.

While most of us feel that the electric car is a new concept, its introduction can be retraced back to 1900 when the erstwhile cars used to be based on the electric car concept.

A hybrid car is more like a mixed mode of car that allows you to run your car on electric charge or the traditional fuel type that could be in the form of petrol or diesel.. Depending on the performance required, the car will automatically switch its power source to match demand. The hybrid car batteries are rechargeable and can be charged effectively during a drive.

Hybrid cars on the other hand are powered by both electricity and gas. A hybrid car allows you the flexibility to run it on gas or charge as per your liking; the main benefit being that the mileage restrictions that exist with electric cars do not cause any worry to a hybrid owner. The batteries in a hybrid car can be charged as the car is running.. Another advantage with a hybrid car is that it will run on electric power whenever it is being driven at low speeds or in high traffic areas where the car cannot go beyond the initial level of speed. And when you wish to zoom past others and drive at higher speed, the power comes from the gas engine.. They are however only partially eco friendly because they emit polluting gases while running on gas.