Miguel Ferreira Was Re-Selected to be Member of TPWind from 2010 to 2013

iguel Ferreira was already a member of the Policy and Environment working group in the first period of TPWind from 2007 to 2010. For the second period Miguel Ferreira will be integrated in the Wind Conditions working group. For the second call period from 2010 to 2013 only 150 experts where selected to be part of the European Technology Platform for Wind Energy.

Miguel Ferreira is proud of the recognition and states that “it is a pleasure to be part of TPWind and cooperate with such valuable partners in the definition of the industry perspectives for the next years. It was interesting to participate in the vision definition and now it will be very good to get back to a more technical working group, discussing all the relevant topics related to MEGAJOULE’s core activity, wind resource assessment.”

The European Technology Platform for Wind Energy (TPWind) is a forum for the crystallisation of policy and technology research and development pathways for the wind energy sector. The Platform started its activities in 2006 and its first main task was the development of the Strategic Research Agenda & Market Deployment Strategy, which was published in July 2008. TPWind was then the industry voice in defining with the European Union the European Wind Initiative. The implementation of the European Wind Initiative is one of the main tasks for TPWind in the next 3 years.

Megajoule, as Portuguese market leader in wind assessment, is strongly committed to promote alternative and sustainable energy solutions. Megajoule’s core business is wind assessment, but there is a wide range of technical services Megajoule offers from advanced flow simulation (CFD and mesoscale) to power performance tests and independent project due diligence. Acting globally Megajoule also provides advice on solar PV projects. In addition to the creation of the innovation branch Megajoule|Inovação, Megajoule has opened offices in Brazil and Poland in the beginning of this year.