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The first commercial wind farm equipped with Gamesa 4.5 MW wind turbines has been inaugurated in Finland

Simo, the first commercial wind farm equipped with Gamesa 4.5 MW wind turbines, has been commissioned in Finland, where the company has installed four G128-4.5 MW machines for TuuliWatti. Specifically designed to withstand low temperatures, these four wind turbines in Simo are the most powerful turbines ever installed in Finland. The 18 MW project is […]

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20,000 MW wind power potential untapped in Bangladesh

Country’s 740-square-kilometre coastal belt has a huge potential to produce as much as 20,000 megawatts of electricity from wind energy, according to formal findings, but sheer negligence on part of people in authority kept this great opportunity untapped. Partly because of laxity in undertaking potential wind-power projects through effective and rapid wind mapping, experts pointed […]

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U.S. renewable energy development will outpace conventional fuel plants

As the economist and columnist Paul Krugman wrote this week, renewable energy technologies are getting better, and cheaper, at a rapid clip, and the prospect of one day powering the U.S.—or at least a sizable chunk of it—with renewable energy is coming closer to reality. The U.S. Energy Department is planning, too, to offer up to $4 billion […]

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Preserving the PTC, bigger wind turbines for N.C., Microsoft chases renewables

It’s Friday, and before the weekend break, a New England editorial pushes for a PTC extension, bigger turbines can capture North Carolina breezes, and Microsoft doubles down on renewables. Clean, renewable energy like wind power is helping to keep electricity affordable in New England, says the Concord Monitor, which is urging for an extension of […]

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