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EREC report Hat-trick 2030

Global capacity of renewable energy will more than double in 2025

The past decade has witnessed significant developments in policies for renewable energy. Previously, less than 50 countries worldwide had support policies for renewable energy; this number now stands at more than 130. As a result of political and financial support, investments in renewables have risen dramatically in recent years. In fact, the European Union has […]

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irena cost

Renewable energy now cost advantageous, especially when cost of pollution is factored in

The cost of generating power from renewable energy sources has reached parity or dropped below the cost of fossil fuels for many technologies in many parts of the world, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) revealed in a new report today.   The landmark report, Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014, concludes that biomass, hydropower, […]

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pv eolicas

Renewable energy costs in 2014: Wind energy and solar power now cheaper than fossil

The cost of generating power from renewable energy sources has reached parity or dropped below the cost of fossil fuels for many technologies, the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) has revealed. Irena’s “Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014″ report concludes that biomass, hydropower, geothermal and onshore wind are all competitive with or cheaper than coal, […]

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climate change 2014

The year 2014 was the warmest year across global land and ocean surfaces since records began in 1880

The year 2014 was officially the hottest year since records began, federal scientists announced on Friday, part of a long-term warming trend driven by the burning of fossil fuels. Ten of the warmest years ever have occurred since 1997. Global ocean and land temperatures, which have been calculated since 1880, measured 1.24 degrees Fahrenheit above […]

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Wind energy and solar power projects expected to add 78 megawatts in Jamaica

These are: a wind energy development, which is expected to provide an additional 58 MW, to complement the 30 MW currently generated by Wigton Wind farm in Manchester; and a solar power facility to generate approximately 20 MW of power, which is slated for Content in Clarendon.   Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Minister, Phillip […]

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nordex-wind energy-eólica-eóico-aerogeneradores

Super Grid to disperse wind energy across Europe

EU-funded researchers are involved in the development of a pan-European ‘super grid’ capable of dispersing wind power across Member States. This will bring more renewable energy into homes and businesses, help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and enable Europe to move closer towards achieving energy independence. This final point is an important consideration given that […]

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nuclear power wind energy

2015 will see nuclear power dream fade as wind energy and solar power soar

Governments are still spending billions on nuclear research, writes Paul Brown – but 2015 looks like being an unhappy year for the industry as it continues to shrink while renewables grow, amid massive delays and cost over-runs. With nuclear power falling ever further behind renewables as a global energy source, and as the price of […]

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6 Reasons 2014 Was a Good Year for Climate Action

Here are six reasons to be optimistic under even the most climate-denying Congress: 1. The price of solar and wind energy has fallen below the price of conventional fuels, pushing utilities to switch to alternative fuels. The New York Times reports that “The cost of providing electricity from wind and solar power plants has plummeted […]

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Share of renewable energies in German electricity production sources made a record in 2014

For the first time, renewable energies including wind energy, solar power, biomass and water power generated more electricity than other individual conventional sources in Germany with a share of 25.8 percent in 2014, said the German Association of Energy and Water Industries in a statement.   Share of renewable energies in German electricity production sources […]

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China reached 90 GW of wind energy and 30 GW of solar power by 2014

In 2014, total installed hydropower capacity will hit 300 million kW, installed wind power capacity will exceed 90 million kW and solar power capacity will reach 30 million kW. Non-fossil fuel will supply 11.1 percent of China’s total primary energy consumption this year, up from 9.8 percent in 2013, an official said Thursday.     […]

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Global coal demand to reach 9 billion tonnes per year by 2019

Global demand for coal over the next five years will continue marching higher, breaking the 9-billion-tonne level by 2019, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its annual Medium-Term Coal Market Report released today. The report notes that despite China’s efforts to moderate its coal consumption, it will still account for three-fifths of demand growth […]

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ev tesla

Solar energy and electric vehicles could make suburban living awesome again

The suburbs have had it rough in the last few years. The 2008-2009 economic collapse led to waves of foreclosures in suburbia, as home prices plummeted. More recently, census data suggest that Americans are actually shifting back closer to city centers, often giving up on the dream of a big home in suburbs (much less the […]

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The lowest bids in two tenders for up to 350 MW of concentrated solar power (CSP) capacity in Morocco have been made by tie-ups led by Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power and Spanish firm Abengoa, Reuters reported. The lowest bids in two tenders for up to 350 MW of concentrated solar power (CSP) capacity in Morocco have been made by tie-ups led by Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power International and Spanish firm Abengoa. Results of tenders for constructing and operating the two Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants near the city of Ouarzazate, one of at least 200 MW and the other of at least 100 MW, are expected in the next few weeks, the sources said. Then plants are scheduled to start generating power in 2017. The two Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants are the second phase of the 500 MW Ouarzazate project, which is part of a government plan to produce 2 gigawatts of solar power by 2020, equivalent to about 38 percent of Morocco’s current installed generation capacity. Moroccan solar energy agency Masen said consortiums led by Spain’s Abengoa, GDF’s International Power Gand ACWA Power had been pre-selected for the 200 MW (Noor II) tender. The three groups have also pre-qualified for the 100 MW (Noor III) tender, along with another consortium led by Electricite de France. The consortium led by ACWA group, which includes Spanish international engineering company Sener, bid $0.1601 per kilowatt-hour in power tariffs from the completed plant, the lowest bid received by Masen to build Noor II, the sources said. Abengoa’s consortium made the cheapest offer of $0.1672 per Kwh to build Noor III. If Masen decides to combine the bids for the two plants, the ACWA bids overall would beat Abengoa’s, the sources said. “The two options have been considered. We are studying the two tenders separately as the technology is not the same, but we are also considering combining the two bids as almost the same bidders have been selected for the two plants,” a source from Masen said. Masen has chosen parabolic mirror technology for the 200 MW solar plant, while the 100 MW plant will be built as a solar power tower. Banking sources have said the estimated cost is 1.7 billion euros ($2.1 billion) — 1 billion for the 200 MW plant and 700 million for the 100 MW plant. To finance the plants, Morocco has secured loans of $519 million loan from the World Bank, 654 million euros from German state-owned bank KFW, and the rest from the African Development Bank (AfDB), the European Commission and European Investment Bank. ACWA Power is already building a 160 MW plant in the first stage of the project in the Ouarzazate area.

Abengoa awarded 950 GWh/year of Concentrated Solar Power and PV in Chilean supply tender for 15 years

Abengoa will generate the power from a combination of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and photovoltaic plants. Abengoa (MCE: ABG.B/P SM /NASDAQ: ABGB), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, has been awarded 950 GWh/year in the Distribution Companies Supply tender (Tender Process SIC 2013/03-2º Llamado) held […]

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