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Cyprus Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project of 50 MW nabs EUR 60.2m in EU funds

The Eos concentrated solar power (CSP) project in Cyprus with a planned capacity of 50 MW received a EUR-60.2-million (USD 82m) grant under the European Commission’s (EC’s) NER 300 programme. Developer Alfa Mediterranean Enterprises is to install around 300 solar thermal receivers and hundreds of sun-tracking mirrors north of Limassol in Cyprus. The technology for […]

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Webinar provides clarity to Mexico’s energy Reform impact on renewable energy

Mexico is currently debating in congress the secondary laws that will have a profound change in the country’s energy sector, opening the private investment and affecting directly the renewable energy industry. FCBI LATAM has organized a free webinar to clarify the renewable energy framework going forwards. Guaranteeing the development of renewable projects in the immediate […]

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Spain RE

Renewable energy covers 42 pct of Spain’s electricity needs in 2013

A study published by the Spanish Electricity Network (Red Electica Espanola) on Thursday showed renewables covered 42.2 percent of the demand for electricity in mainland Spain in 2013 with wind energy the main contributor. Wind energy produced 21.2 percent of the country’s electricity, 3.1 percent up on the 18.1 percent from 2012. Meanwhile, hydro-electric power […]

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Renewable energy investing in China

Foreign investors visiting China receive a personal introduction to clean energy—or at least its importance. With every breath, one is reminded that China relies on coal for 65-70 percent of its energy needs—40 percent above the world average—and leads the world in carbon emissions. The latest annual environmental report revealed that acid rain fell upon […]

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Cuba fosters renewable energy

Cuba is currently fostering renewable-energy projects to change the structure of its energy sources, reduce dependence of imported fossil fuels, costs and environmental pollution. Minister of Energy and Mines Alfredo Lopez reported today to the parliamentary commission of Industry, Constructions and Energy that investments are being prepared and negotiations developed for the year 2015, regarding […]

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Smart Energy

Integrating smart meters, solar energy, electric vehicles and energy storage capabilities

Summers in Austin, Texas are hot. Temperatures rise to an average of 97 degrees Fahrenheit daily, causing residents to swelter and energy bills to soar. However, one Recovery Act-funded project is helping find a way to turn down the heat on electricity bills. The Pecan Street Project is testing a new smart grid system in […]

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Energy Storage-13

Finland to lead the way in developing the storage of solar power and wind energy

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has joined forces with Lappeenranta University of Technology and the Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku in the launch of an extensive development project for a brand new energy system and its associated business sector in Finland. The NEO-CARBON ENERGY project, targeting the storage of solar […]

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EREC report Hat-trick 2030

Solar energy and wind power project signed in Subic, Philippines

A $200-million renewable energy facility that will produce electricity from both solar energy and wind power will soon be established here as the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) signed an agreement with Jobin-SQM, Inc., an all-Filipino corporation. SBMA Chairman Roberto Garcia and Jobin-SQM, Inc. President Nancy Tan signed an agreement reserving an 800-hectare property on […]

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Climate Investment Funds expands to 63 countries

Fourteen developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean have been invited to participate in the Climate Investment Funds’ (CIF) Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries Programme (SREP), plus an additional country to the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), expanding the CIF’s reach to a total of 63 countries. The decisions came […]

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Mideast Iran Solar Energy

Iran launch new push for solar power

“More difficult than installing solar panels,” is changing the habits of people “who have got accustomed to cheap non-solar energy,” said Yusof Armoodli, head of Iran’s renewable energy department. In this village nestled in the arid hills of rural Iran, government-subsidized solar panels on the rooftops of homes provide both needed electricity and a shining […]

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