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Iberian Peninsula’s geothermal energy can generate current electrical capacity five times over

The temperature increases by 30 ºC for every kilometre further underground. This thermal gradient, generated by the flow of heat from the inside of Earth and the breakdown of radioactive elements in the crust, produces geothermal power. About 500 power stations around the world already use it to generate electricity, although there are yet to […]

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wind energy uruguay wind farm cerro-los-caracoles-uy

Renewable energy (wind energy, hydro) generate 84 percent of Uruguay’s energy

The small South American country has long relied heavily on hydroelectric power. It has been pushing for an energy diversification policy focused on developing wind power and solar energy since 2008. Uruguay’s government says that 84 percent of the country’s energy last year came from renewable sources. The national energy director said Thursday that Uruguay […]

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Nepal solar power

Asia’s first hybrid solar-wind power system to Nepal

  Asia’s first wind-solar hybrid energy system was handed over to Nepal on Monday by the Asian Development Bank, demonstrating the viability to provide reliable clean energy options to rural areas. The project, completed under ABD’S $3.8 million regional technical assistance (RETA), was part of the bank’s “Energy for All” initiative that supports increasing access […]

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Newspapers editorialize in favor of proposed limit on carbon pollution

The weekend has come and gone, and news on the EPA’s proposed cuts to U.S. carbon pollution continues to make headlines, attracting no shortage of favorable editorials in support of the proposed rule from major papers across the country. Crain’s Cleveland Business points out that states that have developed the most wind power have seen […]

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) industry

Following a two-year slump, in which oversupply drove down module prices and many manufacturers reported negative gross margins, the solar PV industry began to recover during 2013. It was still a challenging year, particularly in Europe, where shrinking markets left installers, distributors, and others struggling to stay afloat. Consolidation continued among manufacturers, but, by late […]

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530 MW of new geothermal energy capacity came on line in 2013, bringing total global capacity to 12 GW

Geothermal resources provide energy in the form of electricity and direct heating and cooling, totalling an estimated 600 PJ (167 TWh) in 2013. Geothermal electricity generation is estimated to be a little less than half of the total final geothermal output, at 76 TWh, with the remaining 91 TWh (328 PJ) representing direct use. Some […]

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Doubling Renewable Energy will Save Money and Avoid Climate Catastrophe

The world faces an important energy choice, according to a new report launched by the International Renewable Energy Agency in New York today. “REmap 2030” says that scaling-up renewable energy to 36% of the world’s total final energy consumption by 2030 is possible, affordable and will keep the world on a trajectory consistent with a […]

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Renewables 2014 Global Status Report Highlights Another Year of Impressive Renewable Energy Growth

Renewable energy technologies set new installation records as their contribution to the global energy mix continued to climb in 2013. Renewable power capacity jumped more than 8 percent in 2013, accounting for over 56 percent of net additions and now has the potential to account for over a fifth of world electricity generation. These are […]

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India’s Renewable Energy Ministry aims at four solar power plants of 1,000 MW each

Besides promoting four large projects with over 500 Mw of installed capacity each, the government wants to move forward to eliminate bottlenecks for ongoing capacity addition programme for solar power. The government is aggressively accelerating the solar energy programme, and aiming for four giant plants of 1,000 Mw each. It also wants to bundle solar […]

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State papers editorialize in favor of EPA rule

Yesterday highlighted national papers who spoke out in favor of the EPA’s new rules designed to cut our carbon dioxide emissions. Today, there’s more from state and regional papers, reflecting the significant public support for tackling climate change. The Toledo Blade editorial board pointed out that due to the possible freeze placed on the state’s […]

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Renewable energy provided around 19 per cent of global final energy consumption in 2012

In the power sector, global capacity reached 1,560 gigawatts (GW) in 2013 – an increase of about 8.3 per cent over 2012 – and renewables accounted for more than 56 per cent of net additions to global power capacity. REN21′s Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) offers a comprehensive look at the state of the industry. […]

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