China DNI

China would need at least 400 GW of hydro power, 500 GW of wind energy and 300 GW of solar power by 2030

China State Grid Corp will spend about 400 billion yuan this year on its electricity networks as the country, which last month reached a deal with the United States to curtail fossil fuels, copes with an unprecedented influx of clean energy and higher demand.   Spending would need to be maintained at current levels for […]

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usa windjobs

Manufacturers, governors, environmentalists, steelworkers agree: Keep scaling up wind

Resounding support, individually and collectively—that’s how to characterize America’s sentiment toward the success story of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy. Among individual Americans, we’ve already reported the recent poll finding that 73 percent of U.S. voters consistently support extending the PTC. This week we saw more evidence of the diverse range of […]

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Better ways of integrating concentrated solar power (CSP) to the network

The aim of this collaboration is to investigate solar energy issues and better ways of integrating concentrated solar power to the network. An important collaboration has begun, between FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of the University of Cyprus and the company Alfa Mediterranean, in support of research related activities. The aim of this collaboration […]

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SheerWind How it Works

SheerWind: Three wind turbines in a single INVELOX wind funnel system means 120% greater power output

SheerWind announced their newest innovation as part of their Industry changing INVELOX technology. The bold technology integrates three turbines in a row or series and increases the electrical power output for a single tower. SheerWind’s INVELOX™ system is a large funnel that captures, concentrates, and accelerates wind before delivering it to turbines safely and efficiently […]

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co2 climate change

Towards the climate conference PARIS – mapping the way towards 100% renewable energies

The COP20 Presidency has branded the related WBA/WWEA Side Event of 5 December as “Lima Climate Action Highlight” and will showcase a summary during the COP20 High-level Session on 11 December.    Regions, cities and communities leading the transformation towards 100 % renewables Regions, cities and communities demonstrate that the transformation to a 100% renewable fuelled […]

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Zimbabwe push toward solar power

Solar photovoltaic lamps offer rural Kenya residents more than light

The growing adoption of solar photovoltaic lamps in rural Kenya has seen mobile phone charging business operators lose customers.   The lamps that are gaining popularity in rural Kenya where electricity is largely unavailable have snatched business from mobile phone charging operators since families now charge their gadgets at home. Before the advent of the […]

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